Hyflux was founded with the mission of providing innovative and effective environmental solutions to deliver water that is clean, safe and affordable. At the same time, we hope to be a force for positive change in communities in Asia.


To recognise our young who excel in their studies in fields related to water and environmental sciences, we sponsor medals and book prizes in the name of Hyflux. We also provide job attachments and internships to students from tertiary institutions.


Almost one billion people in the developing world do not have access to clean drinking water. Children are especially vulnerable, as their bodies are not strong enough to fight waterborne illnesses. Access to clean water along with good hygiene and sanitation practices can save the lives of many children who die every day from causes directly related to poor water and sanitation.

We have been working with our partner, Social Capital Venture Development, a non-governmental organisation, to make clean water available to rural communities in Cambodia since 2009. With our our technical and membrane technology expertise, a customised water filtration system that effectively removes bacteria and viruses and is easy to use, operate and maintain was developed for Social Capital Venture Development. The systems, which have been installed in places such as schools, hospitals, health centres and places of worship, have helped to improve health and hygiene.

The lack of access to clean water can be exacerbated when natural disasters strike. Even places with safe drinking water can suddenly find themselves without it. We support disaster relief efforts through cash donations and sometimes by working with partners to supply our compact, portable and easy-to-use track membranes. The track membranes transform dirty, unsafe water into clean drinking water by effectively removing particle contamination, bacteria and turbidity.


We are committed to minimising our environmental impacts across our business. To reduce water and energy consumption as well as waste generation, we employ technologies and processes to optimise operations and improve resource efficiency in our projects and production facilities. We also continue to explore ways to enhance the performance of our products and treatment plants through innovation. Our aim is to deliver water and energy at better efficiency, smaller footprint, lower chemical requirements and lower costs.

Hyflux Sustainability Report 2016

Hyflux is pleased to introduce our inaugural Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) framework aligned sustainability report. We recognise the increasing importance of corporate sustainability and the central role it plays in creating long term value for all our stakeholders. Hyflux aims to present a transparent approach to sustainability and to share our key economic, environmental and social considerations. This report also allows us to measure and assess our progress in sustainability responsibility.

Our sustainability report covers data and relevant activities in the financial year ending 31 December 2016 in the Group’s key markets in Singapore, China, the Middle East and Africa.

Produced in accordance with the GRI G4 Core Option, this report will be produced annually for each financial year moving forward. The GRI Content Index can be found on page 50 of this report for reference.