For Creditors

Query Hyflux’s Response
When will Hyflux announce its reorganisation plans? When do I know if I am getting my money back? The reorganisation process, being court-supervised, is a structured one that will include court orders and directions setting various milestones in the process. As the formulation of the viable plan would involve input from creditors and potential financiers, the process includes engagement with various parties which takes time. Hyflux will continually provide updates on the stage of the process it is at. No payments on any reorganised liabilities can be made until after the court has concluded the process and requisite approvals (including regulatory approvals where necessary) in respect of the reorganisation plan have all been obtained.
Do I need to file a proof of claims? It is premature at this point. Should there be a need, we will notify creditors on the proof of claim process at the appropriate stage of the reorganisation. Not all classes of creditors will need to file a proof of claim.
Can I sue Hyflux for the debt it owes me? While the moratorium is in place, a creditor who wishes to commence proceedings against Hyflux may apply to court for leave to do so.

However, we are not able to comment on the likelihood of such leave being granted. You may wish to seek independent legal advice on this.

If you are currently represented by lawyers (whether in Singapore or overseas) in relation to any claims you may have previously pursued against the Hyflux entities in the reorganisation, please contact our lawyers at or write to  WongPartnership LLP at 12 Marina Boulevard, Level 28, Singapore 018982 (correspondence to be marked attention to Mr. Manoj Sandrasegara / Ms. Smitha Menon / Mr. Joel Chng) and our lawyers will liaise directly with your lawyers moving forward.

Updated as at 25 May 2018