Zunyi Wastewater Treatment Plant is Hyflux’s Largest Wastewater Treatment Plant in China

1 Sep 2013

In February 2011, Hyflux announced that it has clinched the Build-Own-Transfer (‘’BOT’) concession to develop a wastewater treatment plant to treat up 150,000 cubic metres of domestic wastewater per day for Zunyi City in north Guizhou province of China. Through its subsidiary in China, Hyflux undertook the design and engineering, procurement and construction works. In addition, the company will operate and maintain the plant on a 30-year concession. The investment cost was estimated at approximately RMB 200 million which was funded through Hyflux’s internal resources.

Operational in 2013, the plant is one of the largest wastewater treatment facilities in China developed by Hyflux. Due to the mountainous topography of Guizhou, the Zunyi plant site covers only 4.3 hectares and is irregular in shape, thus posing design and construction challenges. A typical wastewater treatment plant of this capacity would require nearly twice the land area provided for the Zunyi plant.

The project site is located in Zunyi city area at the confluence of Xiangjiang River and Zhoushui River, serving over 70% of the population in Zunyi City Centre district with a population of 900,000. Aside from significantly improving the Xiangjiang River system, the Zunyi project also effectively improves the ecological environment and benefits the sustainable economic development of the city.

China’s water sector continues to face significant challenges of pollution and water shortage. Government-driven funding is on the rise where planners are increasingly concerned about the lack of clean water. In a 2012 report by Chinese wire agency Xinhua[1], the government is reported to have indicated that it would commit 4 trillion yuan (USD$634.9 billion) to clean water projects over the next 10 years.

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Zunyi Wastewater Treatment Plant in China

[1] Report by Xinhua: http://www.eco-business.com/news/global-boom-for-upgrading-wastewaster-treatment/