Hyflux Partners Wildlife Reserves Singapore in Go Green for Wildlife Campaign

28 Nov 2016

20161124_WRS Media Event_groupphoto

L-R: Mr Yap Kim Wah, Deputy Chairman & CEO, Hyflux Caprica Pte Ltd, Ms Olivia Lum, Executive Chairman and Group CEO, Hyflux Ltd, Mr S Dhanabalan, Chairman, Mandai Park Holdings, Mr Mike Barclay, Group CEO, Mandai Park Holdings (Photo credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore)

Hyflux in partnership with Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) and in support of a new Go Green For Wildlife campaign, launched an eco-friendly project to promote the use of refillable bottles and help reduce the generation of plastic waste from single-use bottles across all the zoological institutions under WRS.

Leveraging on its proprietary ultrafiltration technology, Hyflux developed and produced potable water dispensers customised for WRS parks’ tropical and outdoor requirements, equipped with infra-red sensors that automatically dispense water when a bottle is detected. Each dispenser also features an intelligent digital display which updates daily with the number of plastic bottles saved. The bespoke water dispensers, which have already been installed in 13 locations in Singapore Zoo and River Safari, feature messages that encourage park guests to adopt reusable over single-use bottles, and hopefully embrace the practice in their everyday routine. To reduce single-use plastic bottles and encourage recycling, Hyflux and WRS also produced exclusive quality refillable bottles for retail, which are created from Tritan™ copolyester and are BPA-free, as well as shatter-resistant.

Hyflux made its first foray into wildlife projects in 1999, when it designed and built a wastewater recycling system for the Jurong Bird Park, which supplied clean water for the penguin enclosure. The refillable bottle and water dispenser project hence reflects Hyflux’s longstanding mission to provide sustainable solutions that transform lives and contribute to environmental conservation.