Bringing Clean Water to Areas in Need

In 2012, a collaboration between Hyflux and Social Capital Venture (SCVD) supplied rural villages in Cambodia with the resources to produce clean and safe water affordably. The strategic partnership melds Hyflux’s expertise in water solutions and advanced membrane technology with SCVD’s entrenched experience in Cambodia, twinning both organisations’ commitment in helping local communities affected by contaminated water.

Developed by Hyflux, the Free Flow 60 is an affordable, reliable and compact filtration system that can be installed with ease. It is particularly suitable for regions that encounter potable water shortages without the capacity and finances to build large and cost-intensive water treatment plants. The Free Flow 60 filtration unit ingeniously employs gravity in driving water flow of up to 60 litres per hour, eliminating the need for electricity and minimising manpower requirements.

Incorporating Hyflux’s high-quality ultrafiltration membrane technology, the filtration unit effectively filters harmful bacteria, cysts and microscopic viruses and thus, ensuring water supply for the villagers is safe for personal consumption. The system is easily cleaned and maintained through a simple forward-flush process once every ten hours using non-toxic chemicals.

Social Capital Venture (SCVD) is a Cambodian non-government organization dedicated to improving lives through impact investing and sustainable and scalable projects.