Board of Directors

Simon Tay

Non-Executive Independent Director

Mr Tay is a Non-Executive Independent Director and also a member of the Board’s Risk Management and Investment Committees.

Mr Tay is Chairman of the Singapore Institute of International Affairs, the country’s oldest think tank and founding member of the ASEAN network of think tanks. He is concurrently Associate Professor, teaching international law at the National University of Singapore.

Mr Tay is also a Senior Consultant at WongPartnership, a leading Asian law firm. He sits on the boards of Toyota Corporation, Mitsubishi United Financial Group, the Liechtenstein Bank and Far East Organization.

From 1992 to 2008, he served in public positions for Singapore, including Chairman of the National Environment Agency, Nominated Member of Parliament, and coordinated the Singapore Volunteers Overseas. He continues to serve Singapore in a number of roles including as an Expert and Eminent Person in the ASEAN Regional Forum, a member of the government’s Climate Change Network and as vice-chairman of the Asia Pacific Water Forum.

Mr Tay graduated in law from the National University of Singapore (1986) and from Harvard Law School (1993).